Rabbi Yair Frank
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Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Rabbi of Amona Rabbi Yair Frank expressed hope that the Jewish Home Party would demand a return of the so-called “Amona Clause” to the Regulation Law, in light of recent revelations regarding problems regarding the “Absentee Property Law” proposed as an alternative.

The Amona Clause, which retroactively protects Amona from destruction, was removed from the Regulation Law during recent negotiations over the content of the law because a court decision on Amona was already handed down and the law is not to take retroactive effect.

“The fact that they removed the Amona Clause from the Law without telling us is painful. The absentee property proposal is ridiculous. They promised us dozens of plots, and now they’re packing 40 families into three plots. It’s ridiculous, and [in any event] it’s doubtful whether it is even possible due to the opposition to it.”

He added, “We call on all the members of Jewish Home: Return to truth and justice. You don’t destroy a town after so many years. Include Amona in the Regulation Law. This whole struggle and this Law started with Amona, and it can’t be that the people of Amona, who [caused the positive developments] should be left outside of the story. I call on the Education Minister [Bennet] and the PM to repent.”

Rabbi Frank emphasized that his criticism was not exclusively leveled against the Jewish Home party. “The PM, four years ago during the destruction of Migron and Ulpana, said that no more communities would be destroyed. He needs to take responsibility. The other parties too, including the haredi parties and Moshe Kahlon [of Kulanu] need to understand that there is no damage here to the courts because the law changes. At one time, the Kibbutzim were in terrible debt, so the Knesset passed a law that saw to it that they would no longer be in debt. There is no damage [to the courts] if they enact the Regulation Law.”

He said that the government’s job is to enact the Regulation Law - including its application to Amona. “As a matter of principle, a right-wing government needs to make truthful and just decisions. If the Supreme Court rejects it, then the responsibility lies with us [to get it passed]. And how would we achieve this, tactically speaking? There are men of action who will do it correctly.”

Rabbi Frank emphasized that Amona residents will not back down: “If Amona is not normalized, there will be great protest here. We will not raise a hand against a soldier, but there will be determined passive resistance here.”

“We will not leave willingly.”