Minister Erdan analyzes arson map
Minister Erdan analyzes arson mapSpokesperson for Minister of Public Security

In an interview on Sunday morning with Galey Israel Radio, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (LIkud) spoke about the recent arson intifada, as well as about the Regulation Law.

"In my opinion, the Regulation Law miust pass in its entirety and the government must protect it from the Israeli Supreme Court if necessary," Erdan said.

The Regulation Law, which would legalize all Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria and protect them from leftist NGOs claiming to represent nonexistent "owners" on whose land the Jewish towns were built, has been criticized from both the right and left, as well as by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. In the meantime, Amona's residents are scheduled to be expelled and their homes destroyed on December 25.

He also mentioned the Channel 2 interview in which an investigator said there was no proof most fires were arson.

"The Israeli media must stop holding to a double standard," Erdan said. "I don't understand why we insist on burying our heads in the sand. What do the media and the leftists think caused the arson? Do they think it was set for romantic reasons?"

Nearly 2,000 fires, many which began simultaneously, blazed from November 18-26. Many of them were arson, in which victims saw the fires being set and the suspects fleeing, or saw Molotov cocktails being thrown at the site. However, only 10 people are currently being held and only 2 indictments have been filed. Meanwhile, the government has agreed to treat 29 of the largest fires as arson terror attacks, paying billions to victims but still refusing to name or punish perpetrators.