U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s appointments thus far have been “really quite extraordinary,” says Marc Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday, Zell said, “The entire transition process has been very transparent to the public. Names are being advanced, the public is talking about them in advance. The transition team is taking these considerations by the public into account.”

He noted that each of the four nominees being considered for Secretary of State would be a good choice.

As for outgoing President Barack Obama, Zell admitted there is a “concern” he might take unilateral actions against Israel at the UN before he leaves office, now that he is no longer concerned with re-election issues.

“There have been some hints that he may feel that now that the election is over and the Democrats have lost, he’s free to do whatever he wants. [But] my hope is that President Obama will leave office in a dignified fashion and will not do anything in these last few weeks of his presidency to make the agenda of the new incoming administration more difficult,” added Zell.

“When you try to reinvent or take unusual policy decisions in the last few days of your administration, you really do work against the transition process. You can’t have a transition when the outgoing administration is making radical new changes in the policy direction. I hope that won’t happen,” he continued.

The American Jewish community, which overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton, is slowly getting over the “shock” of her losing, said Zell.

“I’m hopeful that despite all the brainwashing and all the mudslinging and all the defamatory attacks being made against Donald Trump and his administration, I believe that the American people – including those who were opposed to him – will understand that his presidency is good for the United States,” he added.

“In time, the American public will come to see Donald Trump as I see him and millions of other Americans see him: As something good for the United States and good for everyone,” said Zell.

Turning to Jewish students, particularly ones who support Israel, Zell called on them to “be strong. Be of good courage as the Bible says, because better times are coming.”