Moshe Kachlon in Nataf
Moshe Kachlon in NatafEliran Aharon

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) visited Nataf on Monday morning, together with Tax Authority head Moshe Asher, Deputy Finance Minister Yitzhak Cohen, and Finance Ministry head Shai Ba'abad.

Nataf is a Jewish town in the Jerusalem hills, and was one of the first towns to be torched in last week's arson intifada.

During his visit, Kahlon said, "Israel is going through a time of emergency, and will stand by its citizens."

"Already yesterday, we announced there are places where the arson will be considered a terror attack," Kahlon said. "The country will stand beside the victims and give them full compensation, obviously while remaining within the existing limitations and legal structures. We are prepared for emergencies, and this is an emergency."

"Regarding those places which are insured by a different type of insurance, regular civilian insurance - we will be there, and we won't let civilians be tossed aside by the insurance companies. We won't let anyone fall between the cracks, and we won't rest until everyone is taken care of," emphasized Kahlon.