Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg
Im Tirtzu CEO Matan PelegYoni Kempinski

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg filed a police complaint today (Sunday) against Members of Knesset Ahmad Tibi and Osama Saadi (Joint List) following their calls for an Arab revolt in response to the Muezzin Law.

The Muezzin Law was recently proposed in order to end the five-times-a-day disruptions, two during sleep hours, by blasting muezzin loudspeakers to the lives of tens of thousands of Israeli citizens. Many Arabs also suffer from the loud muezzin, and the bill proposed to ban all houses of worship from using loudspeakers.

The bill was originally vetoed by the haredi parties, since its wording might have been used to forbid the pre-Shabbat sirens from being sounded. Later, MK Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) pulled his appeal, allowing the law to go forward.

In response to the Muezzin Law, the Palestinian Authority threatened Israel with "disaster," and Hamas said Israel was "playing with fire."

Peleg said the incitement "has boosted the acts of arson spreading throughout the country."

According to Peleg, one cannot ignore the connection between the MKs' inciting remarks and the number of acts of arson perpetrated last week.

In an interview with the Lebanese news agency Al Mayadeen, MK Tibi (Joint List) called for a revolt.

"We will not respect this law, and I call on our public: revolt against it and reject it," Tibi said, adding, "I would tell Palestinians to revolt against this law and the one behind it - Prime Minister Netanyahu. The goal is Jerusalem."

During a televised interview on the Knesset Channel, MK Osama Saadi (Joint List) went even further, saying the Muezzin Bill will, "spark a fire, and the first ones who will be burned will be [sponsor of bill MK] Moti Yogev and his friends."

Peleg said, "The call issued by the Joint List MKs for a popular uprising is extremely dangerous. This is a clear instance of incitement that has boosted the acts of arson spreading throughout the country. The Arab MKs need to act responsibly and realize that they represent all the citizens of Israel.

"It is important to note," continued Peleg, "that their remarks primarily hurt the Arab sector of Israel, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding citizens who want to live in peace and coexistence. It is clear that such incitement leads to polarization, racism, violence, and terrorism. It is time for the justice system to make clear to Ahmad Tibi and other MKs of the Joint List that there will be consequences if they choose to act as enemies from within."