Reserve Lieutenant-Colonel Itzik Shadmi, who is also a Neve Tzuf resident, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Friday night arsons.

"We took all the medicines, the talit, tefillin, the medicines, and we ran away," he said. "This area, the surroundings, was built purposely in wooden houses, and it's very very nice here, it's the Switzerland of Samaria. But it was so big and strong a fire, there was no chance."

"It's so much of frustration. It's so easy to take some matches and burn down a settlement....Our demand is that every house that was burned here and destroyed here, we ask from him [Defense Minister Liberman] to build ten times for each building, and to help the buildings of this area, as well," Shadmi explained.

"The terror changed its method, sometimes, it began by exploding buses, and then shooting, and then knives, and now, it's because it's so easy, so easy, to take some matches and burn half a town," Shadmi said. "I think the only way [to prevent future attacks] is for them to understand that the damage they did to us will not help them in another way."