Education MInister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) visited Neve Tzuf on Sunday morning, after terrorists set fire to the town on Friday night.

"We see here a concerted terror wave, with the goal of killing Jews, burning their houses, and bringing horror and terror upon the people. But just like in other cases, the People of Israel have joined hands, and is defeating the terror attack," Bennett said.

When asked about the international aid, Bennett said, "I think it's wonderful. Thank you."

He also said, "For every house here, we will build more homes. That's the solution to nationalistic terror. We will win. This is a nationalistic terror wave, perpetrated by arson terrorists for the purpose of burning Israeli towns."

On Saturday night, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) also visited Neve Tzuf, calling on the government to recognize the arson victims as terror victims.