Miri Maoz Ovadiya, a resident of Neve Tzuf, told about the arson terror attack on Friday night in an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva.

"We had an extremely difficult, though miraculous Shabbat, last night at around 10-11 o'clock a major fire was caused by terrorists who put this community on fire in three different places, and because of the crazy winds that we had, the fire spread very, very quickly," Ovadiya said.

"We received messages to leave our houses immediately, to evacuate the community, no much time [sic] to think, I took my son and drove out of there...we were evacuated to two nearby communities, welcomed wonderfully by the people, mostly to ensure that the security forces can continue fighting the fire, which they did, for the entire Friday night, Shabbat morning, until they managed to put it out. We're extremely lucky and blessed that there's no loss in life after this crazy tragedy..."

When asked whether the fire was certainly a terror attack, Ovadiya said there was "no doubt."

"The security forces tracked down people that were seen setting the place on fire and running off, and the security forces are trying to find these people," Ovadiya said.

She also noted that over 60 families are not yet allowed to return to their homes, and the community is trying to find solutions for them for the next month, until they will be allowed to start rebuilding their lives.