IDF forces and the Israeli Police arrested four arsonists on Friday night.

Three of them were spotted by a Nature and Parks Authority inspector.

Security forces discovered two bottles of gas, gloves, lighters, and a back of cloth in their car.

A police spokesman has reported that 23 arson suspects have been arrested in the past several days, and over 30 have been interrogated.

The police have released a statement saying, "As part of police operations searching and finding suspects who were involved in setting off fires and causing the blazes, this morning nature observers and Parks Authority personnel spotted a suspect setting fire to bushes intending to start a larger fire. Police units immediately responded and began a pursuit in order to arrest the suspect. The suspect began to flee and police tracked him down and the 44 year old resident of the village of Hussan was arrested.

"Police operations are continuing to find suspects and make arrests and at the same time prevent further fires and danger to communities. International coordination and operations with airplanes is continuing.

"The Israel Police is calling upon all Arab authorities both Israeli and the Palestinian Authority to show responsibility in these days, to strongly condemn any attack which can endanger human lives and endanger communities regardless of religion, race and nationality."

Over the last five days, hundreds of fires have burned throughout israel. Often several fires erupted in different areas of the same city simultaneously. Hamas and other Arab groups have praised the fires, even announcing their prayer that "gasoline rain down from the sky."

Though they were not willing to admit it at the beginning, Israeli officials have finally agreed that at least half of the fires were caused by arsonists. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also said arsonists are terrorists, while MK Oren Hazan (Likud) has suggested life imprisonment for the arsonists, while MK Aryeh Deri (Shas) has announced he will strip arsonists of their citizenship.