Ambassador Shapiro after donating blood
Ambassador Shapiro after donating bloodצילום: דוברות מד"א

The MDA blood service team arrived at the US embassy where the ambassador Dan Shapiro and other members of his staff donated a total of 40 units of blood.

This was not the first time that the ambassador has given blood. He is accustomed to donating blood twice a year and appreciates the important of each unit, so he specially invited the MDA team to the US embassy.

The ambassador showed great interest in the process of blood donations in Israel and compared it to the procedures in the US. He also inquired about the amount of blood in the banks and the amount which is donated every day and every year in Israel.

The ambassador recalled that when he was a student he began to donate in Israel and intends to continue the practice while he serves as ambassador to Israel.

MDA head Eli Been said "I congratulate the ambassador for his worthy initiative and believe and hope that many of Israel's leaders will follow in his footsteps and serve as a personal example to the public in stressing the importance of blood donations. It is important to remember that it is enough for each of us to donate once a year in order to save lives and then we will not suffer from a shortage of blood."