Air unit fights fire in Dolev
Air unit fights fire in DolevYosh fire department

Fires raged out of control Wednesday morning across Israel, with fires which existing fires gaining momentum and new blazes being ignited near Jerusalem and along the northern coast.

In Zichron Yaakov, south of Haifa, intense winds breathed new life in a fire that had been under control Tuesday evening. A number of homes went up in flames on Tuesday, and hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate.

After returning home Tuesday evening, residents were again forced to evacuate Wednesday morning. Forty-two firefighter units are working to control the blaze, including 12 army firefighting units.

Even in Dolev, where a blaze Tuesday evening had been extinguished, the fire was rekindled Wednesday morning. Three caravans were destroyed in Dolev on Tuesday, and dozens of homes evacuated.

Tens of firefighter units, aided by aircraft dumping fire retardant, are currently operating in Dolev to regain control over the fire.

In the Jerusalem area, a fire broke out in a forest west of the capital near the town of Nataf. Four firefighter units are currently operating in the area.

A fire department spokeswoman said the forest fire was closing in on Nataf, aided by the strong winds. The community, she said, is now under serious threat, and additional units are being deployed in the area.

Firefighters responded to 13 different brush fires in the Galilee in northern Israel overnight.

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