Reuven Abu
Reuven AbuIDF Spokesperson

Israel Hayom this morning reported on the story of Reuven Abu, who came to Israel following an anti-Semitic attack he experienced in his hometown of Lyon, France, three years ago.

According to the story, he had just left the synagogue in the city of Lyon and was on his way home with his sister, Leah, who is two years younger, when they were attacked by three Muslim youths shouting curses. Reuven tried to protect his sister, and the three attacked and beat him, cutting his face with a glass bottle.

“It was an awful moment,” said Reuven. “They cursed us using very crude anti-Semitic language. They attacked us only because we were Jews.”

The attackers fled and left him bleeding on the sidewalk, while his sister was shaking with fear. “The attack left me with a seven centimeter scar that I’ll have for the rest of my life.” It was at this moment that Reuven decided that France was not his place.

He finished high school and within a year made aliyah to Israel, one month after his brother. The rest of his family is on the way. “I’ve tried to convince others to make aliyah to Israel, and it appears that I’ve been successful. I’m happy with my army service and call on all the young Jews in France to come to Israel.”