Hadassah Director-General Ze'ev Rothstein and new parent Yitzhak Peres
Hadassah Director-General Ze'ev Rothstein and new parent Yitzhak PeresHadassah spokesperson

Rabbi Yitzhak and Sima Peretz have been an integral part of the fabric of the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital for the past 27 years. Now their family has grown.

Rabbi and Mrs. Peretz prepared food for hospital patients and their families who had to stay in the hospital over the Sabbath every Saturday for almost three decades. They also stayed with the patients and families throughout the Sabbath.

Hadassah Ein Kerem became a site of celebration when Sima Peretz gave birth to her first daughter after 30 years of childlessness.

Hadassah Director-General Ze'ev Rothstein personally congratulated Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz, who proudly wore his 'new parent' bracelet.

"The acts of kindness which you performed for so many patients and their families over the years did not fall on deaf ears." Prof. Rothstein said. I am sure that everyone congratulated you and hope that you will find great happiness. This news is joyful to all of us, Hadassah [staff], patients, and every department in the hospital. You chose to act out in practice the Biblical precept...of compassion and giving towards all people."

Rabbi Moshe Klein, the rabbi of Hadassah Medical Center, told the Peretz family: "It is impossible to describe or imagine the happiness felt by everyone whom you visited on the Sabbath at the hospital. All are tied to you and your deeds. You were and remain the symbol of dedication and volunteerism. It is no coincidence that the birth took place during the week we read [the chapter in the Torah] about the merit of Avraham and Sarah,which was the merit of hospitality."

Rabbi Klein asked the couple to continue their charitable work of bringing food and cheer to the hospital every Sabbath.

Rabbi Peretz thanked the hospital staff for their kindness and helpfulness during his wife's pregnancy and his daughter's birth.