A radical left-wing activist crashed an event organized by the Airbnb online hospitality marketplace on Saturday, taking the stage in the middle of a talk by actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher.

The event, The Airbnb Open: A Festival of Hosting, held in Los Angeles, featured the company’s founder, Brian Chesky, and That 70’s Show actor Ashton Kutcher, now a venture capitalist who has invested heavily in Airbnb.

Holding up a pink sign reading “AIRBNB OUT OF THE SETTLEMENTS”, the protester, Ariel Gold, a member of the far-left Code Pink group, chastised Airbnb for not excluding Israel from its listings, saying the company was tacitly supporting the “occupation” and “human rights abuses against Palestinians”.

Gold’s interruption of the event drew boos and condemnation from the audience, which seemed unreceptive to her anti-Israel message.

Kutcher, however, responded calmly to Gold’s protest, politely introducing himself and asking her to listen to Airbnb’s company mission – one which eschews involvement in political issues.

But Gold was unwilling to let Kutcher continue, shouting over him as he talked about the company’s refusal to discriminate. Security guards on the scene escorted her off stage shortly thereafter.