Kay Wilson with Kristine Luken's parents
Kay Wilson with Kristine Luken's parentsFlash 90

Parts of the body of American tourist Kristine Luken, who was murdered by Arab terrorists in 2010, have been lying in an Israeli mortuary for 6 years because the US Embassy in Israel did nothing to arrange bringing them home to her parents, Luken's friend Kay Wilson revealed.

Wilson, who was stabbed numerous times and left for dead in the same attack in which Luken was murdered, posted on Facebook that "The elderly parents of my murdered American, Christian friend (Kristine Luken Z"L) have just emailed me to say, that today, (on their 40th wedding anniversary), they received 'a call' from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel to state, 'the Israeli mortuary still had parts of Kristine’s body in storage and wanted permission to ship them to us or bury them in Israel.'''

It was the Israeli mortuary which contacted the Embassy, and not the other way around.

She expressed shock at the amount of time it took for the Embassy to even contact Luken's parents regarding their daughter's body. She wrote: "Kristine's parents had signed a form expressing their wishes way back in 2012. Do your math. That is FOUR YEARS AGO! Yet they never responded to this until today."

She added that the Embassy showed a similar insensitivity to her during the trial of the terrorists who attacked her and murdered Luken. "Ever since the grisly execution of Kristine Z"L, the USA embassy has demonstrated incompetence and acute insensitivity. They could not even provide a translator for the court protocol. I and a friend had to do this while we were sitting just 5 meters away from 2 smirking, yawning, unremorseful, cold-blooded murderers."

Wilson said that the US embassy's negligence in handling this case is symptomatic of a larger issue - that the American government treats victims of Palestinian Arab terror differently from all other victims of terrorism - even if those victims are American citizens.

"Aside from the dreadful insensitivity concerning Kristine's body parts, I want you to know that the American government regards victims of Palestinian terrorism differently than other Americans who have been murdered by terrorism. Not ONE Palestinian terrorist has been held accountable for murdering an American citizen. Not one." she wrote.