Laura Ingraham
Laura IngrahamReuters

President-elect Donald Trump may be considering conservative radio host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham for the position of White House press secretary.

Ingraham is a defense attorney, and served as a Supreme Court law clerk. She also played a central role in Trump's election campaign, helping Trump express criticism of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as using her popularity to gain him supporters and give him a voice.

Ingraham has also stated that she does not see Jews as a minority. In May 2016, she "forgot" on Twitter that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was actually Jewish, writing, "Now, what if Bernie were a minority?" and then correcting herself with, "’re reminding me. Bernie is a minority. He’s Jewish....I don’t think of Jewish people as minorities...."

She also seems to support Israel, telling Fox News in February 2015 that she "thinks Israel has become for the left the new South the 1980s, it was the divestment movement from South Africa....and now it’s divest from Israel. Israel is the less, you know favorite, you know, whipping post of fury and anger and outrage...if Israel’s an ally of the United States, Israel must be bad because the United States is bad.

According to The Hill, "Selecting Ingraham would send a signal that Trump has no interest in softening his relationships with the Republican leaders in Washington, D.C."

Ingraham has admitted to interest in the role, but refused to comment on the rumors.