Soldiers in the Golan Heights (illustration)
Soldiers in the Golan Heights (illustration)Flash 90

IDF troops who searched for missing soldier Guy Hever this week identified new findings that may have belonged to the soldier who has been missing since 1997.

According to a report on Channel 1 News on Thursday, the search team found parts of uniforms, shoes and other biological signs that might belong to Hever.

The new findings were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the results of the testing will be known in the coming weeks.

Hever was last seen on August 17, 1997, as he left the artillery base in the Golan, where he served. Since then, no information has surfaced about his whereabouts.

Hever’s last whereabouts were just one kilometer from the Syrian border - leading to theories over the intervening years that he has been held in the embattled country ever since, or that he strayed into the minefields.

Over the years, the IDF has several times resumed the search for Hever, but so far with no results.

The latest search took place this week and was focused on the area of ​​the Golan Heights and the Jordan River.

The IDF Spokesman said of the latest search, "Yesterday, November 9, 2016, the search operation to locate missing soldier Guy Hever in northern Israel concluded. The initiated search missions in the Golan Heights are one of the main channels of action in the efforts to shed light on the disappearance of Guy Hever and are continuing a series of actions that have taken place in the years that have gone by since he was declared missing.

"This does not indicate any one direction or other in the investigation. The IDF is working with Guy's family and will continue to work to find him. The IDF continues its intensive activity to bring back all the missing persons and prisoners, led by the political leadership and in cooperation with other relevant bodies, in both covert and visible channels. The IDF has an ethical and moral obligation to return every missing IDF soldier to his family,” the statement added.