Marc Zell, the co-chairman of Republican Overseas Israel
Marc Zell, the co-chairman of Republican Overseas IsraelYonatan Sindel/Flash90
Attorney Marc Zell, Head of the Republican Party in Israel, doesn’t intend on sleeping tonight. He intends to follow the accumulation of votes for the US presidential election until the die is cast.

“We are meeting tonight at 10 at the kosher Mike’s Place in Jerusalem, and we will be there until the die is cast,” he told Arutz Sheva.

I am tense, but optimistic, because all signs from the staff in New York are positive, especially with respect to wavering states like Florida and North Carolina,” Zell said.

“This is the first time in recent years that we have six different ways to get to 270 electors, but the race is tight.”

Zell didn’t despair from polls, but neither is he complacent. “The polls were taken by groups that are friendly with Clinton. It is a communications war against Trump. In the field, our situation is going well, but victory is not yet in the bag. We need to bring voters to the voting booths. In certain US states it is possible to vote early. So far, some 45 million people have voted in early voting, and from these votes we have good standing, but now we have to worry about the rest. In the US it is not a day of rest. People need to either vote before, during or after work. You have to stand in long lines such that it takes extra effort to vote.”

According to Zell, if Trump loses in Florida, Hillary will be the next President. “Results go according to state; the first results will come in from Indiana and Kentucky at 1 AM Israel time. At 2 AM Israel time the results of many other states will come in, but that doesn’t include California, Florida and North Carolina. Florida is between two time zones, so we may have to wait until 3 AM Israel time,” Zell explained. “Florida is key. If Trump loses Florida, Hillary will be the next President.”

According to his assessment, the race in Florida is gives a light advantage to Trump: “We won’t know final results until 9 AM Israel time. Only if one of the candidates wins big will we already know by 6 AM Israel time, but if, as we expect, it is close, we will have to wait until after then.”

“None of the traditional laws apply this year. Everything is possible, especially in this strange election cycle. None of the traditional rules apply this year. We trust the Holy One, Blessed Be He - only he knows what will be with this mess.”

Zell continues to bring voters to the ballot boxes in Israel “We in Israel are busy at the moment helping those with the right to vote, especially those from Florida, to fulfill their right. They can vote until midnight, and the ballots are sent via fax. Every voice counts.”