Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stressed on Sunday night that he still regards his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, as guilty after the FBI said it would not change its determination in the Clinton email probe.

“You can't review 650,000 emails in eight days. You can't do it folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan, according to Politico.

“The investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time," he added.

"The rank-and-file special agents at the FBI won't let her get away with her terrible crimes, including the deletion of her 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena," stressed Trump.

"Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, The FBI knows it. The people know it," the Republican candidate said, adding that it is now up to "the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8."

Earlier on Sunday, FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers that the agency has not changed its opinion that Clinton should not face criminal charges after a review of new emails.

"Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July," Comey said in a letter to top Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.

His statement came several days after he dropped a bombshell when he informed Congress that the FBI had discovered emails in its separate investigation of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, that could be connected to its investigation of whether Clinton mishandled classified information by using a private email server.

House Speaker Paul Ryan reacted to the FBI’s announcement by saying that despite the decision, Clinton “put our nation’s secrets at risk and in doing so compromised our national security.”

“She simply believes she’s above the law and always plays by her own rules. This is a pattern with the Clintons, and the American people should not have to endure four more years of their scandal and baggage,” he added.