New police helicopter
New police helicopterPolice spokesperson

Six of the most advanced helicopters in the world will be joining the Israeli Police over the next few months.

The new helicopters were symbolically presented to Operations Division Commander Alon Levavi at a ceremony in Dallas, Texas last Thursday. The transport of the helicopters to Israel will be carried out in phases over the coming months.

The new helicopters are meant to replace the Israel Police's aging fleet of Bell 206 helicopters, a design which dates back to the 1960s.

The first four of the new helicopters Israel will receive will be of the single-engine H125 model. According to helicopter manufacturer Airbus Helicopters, the H125 "outclasses all other single-engine helicopters for performance, versatility, safety, low maintenance, and low acquisition costs, while excelling in high & hot and extreme environments."

In mid-2017 Israel receive the final two helicopters, which will be twin engine models.

Israeli defense electronic company Elbit Systems Ltd. (ESLT), backed the purchase of the helicopters for $115 million. ESLT will also be tasked with maintaining and improving the helicopters as needed.

The Israeli police released a statement about the ceremony in which the helicopters were presented to Operations Division Commander Levavi. "This is a historic event that will be documented and shown to the Israeli public."

It is expected that the new helicopters will increase the police's capabilities in fighting crime and terrorism.