Larisa Trembovler
Larisa TrembovlerArutz Sheva

Larisa Trembovler Amir, the wife of Yigal Amir, law student from Herzliya who assassinated former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 21 years ago, has come out in support of Coalition Chairman David Bitan's statement that the assassination of Rabin was "not a political murder."

“This was not a political murder, and it had nothing to do with politicians. It was a murder committed by one individual who wanted to stop the (peace) process.” Bitan said.

In an interview with radio station 103FM, Trembovler, who holds a PhD in philosophy, agreed with Bitan's analysis. "I was asked about what David Bitan said, and he is right."

She defined a political murder as having the goal of changing the government and putting different leadership in power.

"It was not a political murder in the pure sense. A political murder is done in order to bring about a change in power and that was not Yigal's goal.

"He wanted to stop it (the Oslo Accords)." she added. "He believed that it was costing many lives and would cost countless more. He did not want the Likud or any other party to take power. He just wanted the bloodshed to end."

"Yigal saw that all the protests, the hunger strikes, and the fact that half the nation was against Oslo. He realized that a drastic move was the only way to stop the (peace process, and what happened happened. In this respect, he was willing to sacrifice himself."

Tremovler said that she hoped that Amir would be released from prison soon. "I am praying for it. He deserves to be released."