German soldiers during WW2
German soldiers during WW2Bundesarchiv, Bild/Wikimedia Commons

Germany has announced investigations of 80 soldiers, after military intelligence discovered these soldiers held radical Islamic beliefs.

20 of the soldiers have been identified as Muslims, while the other 60 are still being investigated. All of them are suspected of joining the army in order to receive military training and experience in the use of weapons.

Military counter-intelligence agency Militärischer Abschirmdienst has reported receiving a number of "individual inquiries from applicants who are interested in the service of the Bundeswehr in a striking manner" and who "express a commitment of only a few months and are expressly interested in intensive weapon and equipment training."

These inquiries strongly recall the flight training attempts of several of the 9/11 terrorists. After 9/11, one of the instructors said the terrorist was "impatient" and "only interested in learning how to control the plane in flight, with no interest in takeoff and landing."

Another of the instructors went with his gut and reported his student to the authorities, who arrested him for overstaying his visa and forced Al-Qaeda to find a replacement.

The Bundeswehr is theunified armed forces of Germany, as well as their civil administration and procurement authorities.

German law does not currently allow background checks on people who have not yet begun employment. However, the German government is considering legislation that would allow the military to investigate new recruits before accepting them.

A spokesperson for the German Defense Ministry said the government wants to "respond adequately to the changed security situation and prevent the use of the Bundeswehr as a training facility for potential terrorists, extremists, and trafficked persons."