Hague court
Hague courtReuters

The American-based 'Foreign Policy' magazine claims that the International Criminal Court at the Hague is considering investigating crimes against humanity allegedly perpetrated by the US in Afghanistan.

According to the report, the Chief Prosecutor of the court is in the midst of an intensive investigation of the claims against the Americans, and she is close to a decision to open a first-ever international criminal investigation of the United States Armed Force's conduct.

Moreover it was reported that an American representative has already visited the court and discussed with Hague prosecutors the suspicions emerging from the testimony they have received.

Such an investigation would represent an international precedent, as America is not a signatory on the treaty which empowers the Hague court and none of the signatories on the treaty has ever presented charges against America.

Washington has emphasized that the court has no authority to adjudicate such issues and therefore the matter has no real significance.

However in Jerusalem there are concerns that such a substantial investigation against America could serve as a precedent for similar investigations against Israel. Israel also has never participated in the international court and does not recognize its authority.