Hillary Clinton
Hillary ClintonReuters

Republican candidate Donald Trump on Saturday said, "The Justice Department is trying so hard to protect Hillary Clinton."

In Trump's opinion, US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch is defending Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton because of personal interests.

"There are those, and I happen to be one of them, who think Hillary Clinton offered Loretta Lynch reappointment as Attorney General," Trump said. "It was reported that 97 percent of the Department of Justice's employees, in terms of the their presidential contributions, went to Hillary Clinton. Which means they don't like me too much."

The FBI recently reopened its probe into Clinton's emails, after discovering additional emails they had not known about when they closed their previous probe. The current investigation comes after emails were found on former Congressman Anthoney Weiner's email server. Weiner's wife is Huma Abedin, one of Clinton's closest aides.

"Now it's reported today, this morning, that the Department of Justice was fighting the FBI," Trump said."They found them by looking at Anthony Weiner, a major, major, major sleaze. They found what may be some of the 33,000 missing and deleted e-mails. Isn't that nice? That Hillary tried so desperately to destroy, even going so far as using systems that most people have never heard of."