Diverging poll numbers in the US presidential election are making it hard to predict where things are going in this dramatic election.

The general accepted wisdom in the media is that Trump is trailing significantly behind Clinton, and that his chances of winning are very slim. Two polls – ABC News and Monmouth – give Clinton a 12-pomt lead. However, the IBD/TIPP poll put the candidate at 41% each.

The poll – a collaboration between Investor's Business Daily (IBD) and TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence (TIPP) – is touted as having been the most accurate poll in recent presidential elections.

Trump's election manager, Kellyanne Conway, told Chris Wallace Sunday that "We like the fact that in three major polls he's leading Hillary Clinton now by a few points, and we like the fact that in the eight swing states where President Obama beat Gov. Romney in 2012, we are either ahead within the margin of error or within striking distance."