Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention
Trump speaks at the Republican National ConventionReuters

"In another 20 days America will hold presidential elections. 20 days seems like forever. Election night is in three more weeks, and it will be a crazy night. No one knows how it will end," said Republican candidate Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview with Israel Hayom. The full interview will be published tomorrow in the weekend magazine Israel Hashavua.

During the conversation with Trump, which was held only hours before the third presidential debate in Vegas, the Republican candidate said the story of the elections was far from over.

"Now they've published a poll showing that I'm leading by 2%, and our supporters get all excited. But the media is absolutely against us. We're in a good place, though, I think. We're leading in Ohio, and we're doing well in Florida, too. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Twenty days can seem an eternity when you're talking about elections. We'll wait and see. We've still got a while to go."

Trump, who condemned UNESCO's decision that there is no connection between the Temple Mount and the Jewish people, reiterated his plan to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and attacked Hillary Clinton's attitude towards Israel.

"It simply amazes me to see how she handles anything connected to Israel. A lot of it is Obama's fault. This hasn't happened ever, in any government. There's never been a situation in which an American government reacted so negatively to every single decision on any topic related to Israel. How can a person who loves Israel support Obama or Clinton? They have a negative attitude towards Israel. I've asked this question of several of Clinton's supporters, and they have no answer for me."

Trump also attacked the Clinton couple and the media's reaction to Hillary, saying, "It's amazing how the media protects them. I've gotta say, if there was another Democratic candidate, the media would support him. That's how it is, when there is a Democrat against a conservative or Republican. It's amazing how protected the Clintons are. It's never been this way, in any elections." He added, "The New York Times even wrote an article on how the media knows about the skewed polls, but continues to skew them anyways. So we'll just have to wait and see."

Regarding the polls, Trump said, "As I said, one poll showed I'm leading by 2%, and the Reuters poll showed us trailing Clinton by 4%. But that's still within the margin for error, and in the last poll, we were even. It will be very interesting. What we can say for sure is that our supporters are really excited, and that's great, even fantastic. My supporters will vote in the elections, and we'll see if her supporters turn out in the same numbers."

Trump emphasized that even if he'd known the race would be so ugly, he still would have chosen to run for president.

"I have an opportunity to return America to its former greatness. I won the primaries, even though I ran against many senior politicians, and now we're almost to the end of the race. We'll see in 20 more days. We'll see what happens. So yes, I would run. That's an interesting question. It's a dirty business but I would definitely have run."