Donald Trump at stump speech in Wisconsin
Donald Trump at stump speech in WisconsinReuters

Malik Obama said he would be Trump's guest at the final presidential debate which is set to take place on Wednesday in Las Vegas. Malik is an American-Kenyan who, when he is not in Kenya, lives in Washington DC.

“I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again,” Malik told The New York Post.

Malik Obama expressed his disappointment in the Democratic party for what he feels was a mishandling of the situation surrounding Secretary Clinton's emails. Malik was also quick to criticize Clinton's job as Secretary of State, saying that she created chaos in the Middle East.

He stated that Trump is the "only one who gets it," and that he agrees with Trump that the media is biased against him.

Malik also said that he disagrees with the Democratic party's stance on same-sex marriage. Malik is reported to have at least three wives, one of them he reportedly married when she was still a teen.

Malik Obama is three years older than his half-brother and stated that he saw him last when he went to visit the White House in August of 2015 but that the relationship between the two isn't very warm.

Trump stated that he looks forward to meeting Malik Obama at the debate.