Marine Le Pen
Marine Le PenReuters

Anti-Semitism pervades the right side of the French political spectrum, although the right is mainly associated with anti-migrant and anti-Islamist policies for the last few years.

The president of the right wing National Front party, Marine Le Pen, whose father was an avowed anti-Semite but who had previously tried to separate herself from his reputation, has now said there should be a ban on kippah (Jewish skullcap) wearing in France.

After she called for a ban on Muslims from wearing head coverings, now Le Pen is calling for a ban on kippahs in the name of equality between Muslims and Jews in the country.

“If we banned the burka, we should also ban kippahs in the entire public sector,” Le Pen claimed and said that she has nothing against wearing kippahs but “in the name of equality we have to do this. We cannot just ban Muslim dress because then they will say we hate Muslims.”

The Jewish community, which heard about this statement just before the Sukkot holiday, responded with outrage, calling Le Pen “the despicable woman.”

The National Front Party won over 20% in the last elections and its stance is anti-religious, although Muslims always were the top priority for the party's criticism. This, however, is not the first time Le Pen has expressed positions that offended Jews; previously, she called for a ban on prayer in schools and a ban on providing kosher and halal meals in schools.