SoccerFlash 90

At a Palestinian Arab League soccer game on Thursday, the Hilal Al-Quds team from Jerusalem honored Sunday's terrorist.

Before the starting whistle was blown, the eastern Jerusalem team stood for a moment of silence to remember and honor terrorist Masabah Abu Sabiah.

Abu Sabiah opened fire in Jerusalem on Sunday, murdering 2 civilians in cold blood at the Ammunition Hill light rail station and wounding several others.

After their moment of silence, players took a picture of themselves holding a sign with the terrorist's picture. The picture's caption is praise for how the terrorist "fought" and killed Officer Yosef Kirma.

Hilal Al-Quds' leaders and fans proudly put the announcement and picture on the team's Facebook page.

Spokesperson Teama Obyadath apologized for publicizing the picture on Facebook, but not for the actual act of taking it or for holding the moment of silence. Obyadath claimed that uploading the picture went against FIFA's rules.

"Our fans are very angry about Abu Sabiah's death, but they will take the picture off social media. It goes against FIFA regulations," he said.

The picture has since been taken down, but not before FIFA noticed it. The offending team will be punished for publicly supporting a terrorist and terror attacks.

The Palestinian Authority is currently attempting to block Israel from participating in sports events. They have not yet been successful.