Hillary Clinton at the Saban Forum
Hillary Clinton at the Saban ForumRalph Alswang

According to newly-leaked emails by Wikileaks, billionaire Israeli-American businessman Haim Saban, considered one of Hillary Clinton’s close advisors, advised Clinton as far back as 2015 to distance herself from Obama’s Israel policies in order to get Jewish votes.

Saban reasoned that, due to the fall in Obama’s popularity among Jewish voters, Clinton needed new rhetoric relating to Israel to win Jews back.

"She needs to differentiate herself from Obama on Israel,” Saban wrote in one email to senior Clinton advisor Huma Abedin.

Saban said that this could be done without actually criticizing Obama. "It can easily be done [without] criticizing the President, and this so that she can recapture the 11% lost between 2012 and 1992."

Instead, Saban urged Clinton to adopt new tactics to cater to Jewish voters.

"[S]peak strongly against anti-Semitism, and boycott" and "reaffirm the US commitment to Israel's security & anything else your research tells you the Jewish community is sensitive to," he advised.