Scene of shooting attack on Ammunition Hill
Scene of shooting attack on Ammunition HillHezki Baruch

Police are continuing their investigation into this morning's terrorist attack, in which Levana Malichi and Yosef Kirma were murdered in Jerusalem.

Kirma is to be buried on Mt. Herzl and the funeral for Malichi will be held at 7:30 tonight.

At approximately 10:10 Sunday morning, a terrorist drove his car to the light rail station at Ammunition Hill and shot at civilians waiting at the station. The terrorist then attempted to flee towards the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood, where he was intercepted by police and killed in the subsequent shootout, where he fatally wounded Kirma.

A police spokesman said that the officers that intercepted and neutralized the terrorist prevented the attack from becoming even worse. "The officers placed themselves between the shooter and the civilians, and their determination prevented further casualties among the civilian population and the security forces."