It appears that Donald Trump's political opponents intend to torment him with a series of embarrassing video clips leading up to the elections.

Bill Pruit, who served as a television producer in Trump's successful reality program "The Apprentice", tweeted tonight that "I assure you: when it comes to the Trump tapes, there are far worse. This is just the beginning."

Similarly, Ed Henry, political commentator for Fox News, told his Twitter followers that Ben Carson, had told him that he had spoken with Trump about more "explosive" revelations which might follow. Carson was one of Trump's Republican rivals in the primaries, but after leaving the race he joined Trump's team as a political advisor.

Trump's campaign has been in disarray since the revelation of a recording in which he spoke in a particularly offensive way about women.

The publication of the video was clearly put off until it would be impossible to disqualify Trump's candidacy unless he himself will resign and he has no intention of doing so.

Nobody knows at present how the debate between the two will pan out this evening.