Noam Aharon
Noam AharonIDF Spokesperson's Unit
Omri Balit IDF Spokesperson's Unit

My name is Omri Balit and I was born in the USA. My parents grew up in Israel and moved to the states before I was born because of my father’s work.

I was born in New York but I grew up in Los Angeles. As a teen, I took an integral part in the establishment of my local branch of the Israel Scouts youth group in Los Angeles.

In the youth movement I met other Jews who lived in the area, I learned about Israeli culture and I improved my Hebrew.

Exactly one year ago I made Aliyah to Israel and I celebrated Rosh Hashanah on the kibbutz. A new land, a new year and a new beginning. I always knew I would enlist in the IDF. My parents supported that decision even though I know they would prefer it if I went to university instead.

Today I live in Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov in an apartment owned by “Garin Tzabar” together with several other lone soldiers.

I serve as a combatant in a special forces unit of the 282 artillery brigade. In the past few months we have been guarding in the Efryaim region. The work in Judea and Samaria is challenging and requires us to be alert and prepared at all times.

Just one month ago I was involved in an arrest in Abu Lehem – one of the villages in the area. During the incident we were shocked to find massive amounts of weapons being kept in the suspect’s house, obviously we searched the house thoroughly and emptied it of all weapons and explosives.

I will be spending this Rosh Hashanah as a lone soldier, but I’m not really alone. Despite the memories and the fact that I miss my family members who are celebrating together thousands of miles from here, I am so proud to spend this holiday in the army, protecting my country, in order to protect the civilians in the area, so they can eat their holiday meal in peace and quiet. I’m also spending the holiday with my military comrades and my commanders who have become like family.

Sagi Weiss
Sagi WeissIDF Sopokesperson's unit

My name is Sagi Weiss and I am a soldier in a soldier in artillery corps, I enlisted in November 2015 and it’s my first Rosh Hashanah in the IDF. It’s been a while since we have been guarding the Etzion region: we make arrests every night and guard posts along narrow crossings. The members of my platoon have become like family.

When they told us we would be on base for the holiday, I wasn’t surprised but I thought about how to tell my mother, who was waiting to see me. at the same time I felt proud, I know how many people come to travel in this region and I feel proud to be protecting them.

I know that we will do everything we can to ensure this holiday is peaceful and ensure that all the residents will sleep peacefully and enjoy the time with their families.

When I told my parents that I wouldn’t be home for the holidays, they told me they are proud of me for protecting Israel. They understand how great the responsibility is that sits on my shoulders.

So Sunday I will spend my first Rosh Hashanah in the IDF on base – I'm proud to be here, wearing my turquoise beret, with the view of Gush Ezion, and all my friends and brothers on base, what more could I ask for?

Noam Aharon (
Noam Aharon (IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

My name is Noam Aharon and I’ve been serving in a situation room in Binyamin for almost two years. I have been in this situation room for the entire last wave of terror. I live in Jerusalem and I really feel like I’m protecting my home.

I have taken part in very meaningful operations- the terror attack when Danny Gonen was killed and the incident when two terrorists broke into Eli. During those incidents I was in the situation room and I was responsible for giving information to the forces on the ground.

At the ceremony we held for Rosh Hashanah, I was given the award for excellence from the brigade commander. I have a lot of responsibility and the job feels very meaningful to me.

I want to wish everyone a happy new year and tell you that, even during the holiday, we are working to protect the residents of this area and its visitors. Happy Holiday!