Arcan Cetin, shooter in Seattle-area mall
Arcan Cetin, shooter in Seattle-area mallScreenshot/Myspace

Police in Washington State say they have arrested a man believed to be responsible for a mass shooting attack in a mall outside of Seattle.

On Sunday, local police reported that they had taken into custody 20-year old Arcan Cetin, the man who authorities say is the main suspect in Friday’s shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.

Five people were murdered in Friday’s shooting, including Sarai Lara, a 16-year old cancer survivor.

Four women and one man died from wounds suffered in Friday’s shooting. The other victims have been identified as 64-year old Belinda Galde, her mother 95-year old Beatrice Dotson, 52-year old Shyla Martin, and Chuck Eagan.

Police say Cetin, a Turkish immigrant, was “kind of zombie-like” at the time of his arrest, noting that “he said nothing.”

Cetin had a history of violence, authorities say, and was arrested in 2015 for assault. The Seattle Times reports that Cetin was indicted for three domestic assault charges stemming from altercations with his stepfather. He has also been arrested in the past for drunk driving.

Police said they were not ruling out any possible motives for Friday’s shooting. Q13 Fox reported claims by witnesses that Cetin called out a woman’s name during the incident, sparking speculation that the shooting may been sparked by a break-up with his ex-girlfriend.

But Cetin also allegedly had posted material suggesting sympathies with the ISIS terror organization on social media. On one account, Cetin allegedly had the phrase “Subhan Allah” (Glory to Allah) written, along with a link to a pro-ISIS website.