Maximum security prison in Israel
Maximum security prison in IsraelPhoto: Flash 90

Yasser Hamdouni, a terrorist serving a life sentence for the murder of Avner Maimon in 2003, died this morning during the course of sports activity in the courtyard of the prison ward where he was incarcerated.

A medical team summoned to the spot performed resuscitation procedures but an MDA doctor declared him dead at the scene.

Hamdouni was arrested by the GSS in 2003 in connection with the murder of Avner Maimon Hy"d, a resident of Netanya who was murdered when leaving the Arab village of Ya'abed in Samaria near Jenin.

Maimon, a coal merchant, used to frequent the village which is known as a center for coal production and distribution, in order to buy coal for commercial distribution.

Maimon entered the village one day and spent the day there. As he left the village, terrorists shot three bullets at his chest, killing him. His car was found full of bullet holes and his body was discovered nearby.