Secretary of State John Kerry
Secretary of State John KerryReuters

US Secretary of State John Kerry harshly criticized Israel's policies during a closed meeting with representatives of countries who fund the Palestinian Authority, according to a report in Haaretz Sunday morning.

Kerry said in the meeting that Israel and the Palestinians are moving towards a reality of one state and war, and that "we need to do something now or simply shut up."

The Secretary of State reportedly did level some criticism at the Palestinians for the recent spate of terror attacks and their incitement against Israel, but focused mainly on the construction in the "settlements" and the policies of Israel's government. "How does increasing the number of settlers show an effort to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state?" he wondered.

Kerry accused Israel of not keeping promises that had been made to him of measures to make the lives of Palestinians easier, such as keeping the Allenby bridge across the Jordan river open at all hours of the day and full implementation of the cellular communications agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

MK Moti Yogev of Jewish Home responded to Kerry's reported comments, saying that "more than ever, Kerry's silence about the ongoing massacre in Syria compared to his obsession with a Palestinian state screams to the heavens. He should listen to Rudy Giuliani, who, as opposed to Kerry, actually has experience of success in eliminating crime and terror and bringing security to his citizens."

Giuliani is known for drastically lowering the crime rate in New York city by instituting tougher policing measures during his tenure as Mayor.