Nadia, the wife of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, told Arutz Sheva that the newly-revealed video of her husband's execution - apparently acquired and disseminated by Syrian rebel forces - reveals new details that hadn't been known before.

"We had never seen the three vehicles come over, and how they take him off the rope and put him in the coffin. I saw it some time ago already through a certain [unnamed] source. It appears that opposition elements stole it from one of the regime intelligence facilities and disseminated it. We're hoping that they also give us some information on his place of burial," Nadia says.

The video inspires some renewed hope: "On the one hand, it brings us back to a place of great pain, but on the other hand it also has positive effects. We hope that when the time comes someone will get up and tell us where he's buried. He was never given over to the Jewish community or had a Jewish burial."

She recounted that "there were all sorts of versions that turned out to be false. If I even had a guess as to where he's buried that would be something already. He's definitely buried in Damascus, but we're constantly being tormented about it. They know where he's buried and won't tell us. We're waiting for someone to tweet the location. I think it's time for it. Hatred is presumably still eating them alive, but that's the reason why I think that specifically now, when so much violence and cruelty reigns in Syria, when whole families are being destroyed and orphans are wandering from place to place. I call upon the Syrian people to see that just as they feel the cruelty, they may find it in their hearts to spare us from some cruelty and help us end this.

"Eli's spirit hovers on high and he wants to be buried in his homeland. Maybe this message will reach someone over there and they'll help us," Nadia Cohen concluded.