A video showing an apparent extortion attempt by a divorced mother of her ex-husband was publicized on Tuesday by men’s rights activists looking to highlight what they call an overlooked phenomenon.

In the video, which shows a portion of a Skype chat between a divorced father and his young daughter, the man’s ex-wife cuts into the conversation, threatening to reduce contact between the man and his daughter unless he pays some unspecified amount of money.

“[If] you pay money, you will start to talk to her every [day] of the week. If you don’t, we won’t do more than twice a week.”

When the father told her to stop interrupting the conversation with his daughter, the mother responds “I’ll interrupt you as much as I like… you will speak nicely to me, I run things here in this house.”

Activists from the “A is for Aba [father]” organization, which promotes the rights of divorced fathers, say the man in question has paid all child support required of him, and that the demands for money by his ex-wife are an attempt to extort additional money beyond what the divorce court ordered him to pay.

A spokesperson for the organization says such behavior is commonplace, saying that Israeli divorce laws leave fathers with few rights, leaving them – and their children – exposed to such abuse.

A clip of the conversation [in Hebrew]: