Motive a mystery
Motive a mysteryMarsha Greenberg Motzen

The headline on the Bergen Record New Jersey Newspaper reads “Motive a Mystery”

Under the headline is a picture of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the terrorist arrested on Monday after a manhunt and fire fight, suspected for starting a series of explosions in New York and New Jersey. From one explosion 29 innocents were wounded.

This headline spawned outrage among many readers who saw it as an embarrassment but The Record is not alone. Even CNN continues to report that the motive behind the attack is still a mystery.

Rahami was born in Afghanistan and lived in Jersey. On Monday it was reported that authorities fear that this is a series of terrorist attacks, planned in advance and perpetrated by a terrorist cell that is connected to the Islamic State (ISIS). Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, of the Democratic Party, said shortly after the blasts that this was an act of terror and that the act was planned by foreign organizations.

Yet other leaders refuse to say definitely that the attack was an act of Islamic terror. Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, stated after the attack that the act was intentional, but refused to call it an act of terror. Yesterday he modified his stance and stated that the act was a terror attack.

One of the claims constantly made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is that Obama refuses to call Islamic terror what it is. Hilary Clinton, in recent months, has changed her stance on the issue by using the term “war on Islamic terror” as opposed to “war against terror.”