Hevron. stabbing attack was foiled
Hevron. stabbing attack was foiledPhoto: Garrett Mills/Flash90

IDF forces foiled an attempt tonight (Monday) to stab a soldier in the Abu Sneineh neighborhood of Hevron.

During routine searches, a terrorist attempted to attack the unit and was neutralized without being shot. He was arrested and taken for questioning by security forces.

During the afternoon another attempted attack was foiled at the Machpelah cave. Two terrorists attempted to stab Border Policemen - one was lightly injured in the hand. The terrorists were neutralized by IDF forces in the area.

An investigation of the incident revealed that the two terrorists, Arab residents of Hevron, had come with the intention of attacking soldiers posted at the checkpoint near the Machpelah cave. They approached the Border policemen, brandished knives and attempted to stab them. The soldiers opened fire on them, killing one and critically wounding the other.

Earlier in the day, there was a terrorist attack at Herod's gate in Jerusalem in which a 38-year-old policewoman was very badly injured and a 45-year-old policeman was moderately injured.

The policewoman, a mother of two, underwent surgery at Shaarei Tzedek hospital. The policeman who despite his wounds succeeded in shooting the terrorist and neutralizing him, is hospitalized at Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

Police officials say that "the fast reaction of the policeman performed with determination, courage, and dedication despite his serious injury brought about the neutralization of the terrorist and prevented further injury to members of security forces and other innocent people."

An investigation of the incident revealed that the terrorist, an East Jerusalem Arab in his twenties was in the area of Damascus gate, saw the two policemen on their way to the Shalem station and followed them. When he neared them he drew a knife and stabbed them a number of times in their upper bodies.