Ahmed Khan Rahami, wanted on suspicion of involvement in the bombings on the east coast of the US over the past two days, has been apprehended in Lindon, New Jersey, after a firefight, according to reports.

Rahami is an immigrant from Afghanistan who lived in New Jersey. A manhunt had been conducted for Rahami over the past day.

Police suspect that he is also behind the bombing in New York on Saturday night.

According to reports, at least one police officer was injured in the firefight, and footage shows Rahami clearly wounded as he is taken into an ambulance.

Earlier, US authorities had said that the investigation has lead to suspicions that the series of bombing attacks has been planned and executed by a terror cell taking orders from ISIS.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had hinted that the attacks appear to have been terror operations directed by foreign elements.

President Barack Obama delivered a statement to the American people in which he addressed the bombings which resulted in dozens of wounded, saying the investigation was being conducted in a wise manner. "Our eyes are on New York and New Jersey and it's not clear if there's a link between the events. We thank God there were no deaths. The investigation is ongoing, and I ask the media to please refrain from disseminating false information."

Earlier, the two main presidential candidates also gave their opinions on the recent attacks.

Republican nominee Donald Trump warned that the bombings are a sign of the current administration's weakness against terror. "We're weak. Under Obama and Clinton's watch America has suffered more attacks at home than it has achieved triumphs overseas. We need to change that."

Hillary Clinton declared that "this is a real threat, but we won't be cowed by it." In a press conference in New York, she added that "we will protect our country and we will defeat terror."