Clinton hours after suffering 'medical episode' at 9/11 memorial service
Clinton hours after suffering 'medical episode' at 9/11 memorial serviceReuters

Chairman of the Republican Party in Israel, Attorney Marc Zell, on Tuesday called upon the Clinton campaign to release the Democratic nominee’s medical records – particularly those concerning her current condition.

“We wish her a complete recovery,” Zell told Arutz Sheva, “but we think that given the medical developments [of Hillary Clinton], the American people deserve to know and see whether she is [physically] up to the task.”

On Sunday Hillary Clinton was abruptly removed from a 9/11 memorial service in Manhattan after she suffered what was described by witnesses as a “medical episode” or “fainting”.

Mrs. Clinton was filmed stumbling as she attempted to leave the scene, and was carried by two aides into a waiting van, which took her to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, where she recuperated.

The incident, and the roughly 30-minute news blackout, during which Clinton campaign officials refused to disclose the former Secretary of State’s location or condition, created a media frenzy, reigniting speculation regarding Mrs. Clinton’s health – an issue she’s long struggled to put to rest.

A Clinton spokesperson later claimed the Democratic presidential nominee had become “overheated” during the 9/11 memorial service, though the campaign further clarified that Mrs. Clinton had been suffering from pneumonia, and had become dehydrated.

But the campaign’s handling of the incident and efforts to play down the “medical episode” only added fuel to rumors Clinton is concealing a larger physical ailment – a claim her personal physician has denied.

“I’m not a doctor,” Zell added, “but I also can’t tell if that was really pneumonia or something else.”

“Even before this week’s incident, for months there has been a great deal of speculation regarding her physical condition, with no connection to her recent fainting. So the public deserves to know what her condition is, whether it is something temporary or something more serious.”

Her campaign’s efforts to hide or play down the incident have only further reduced the public’s trust in her, Zell said. “The attempt to hide what happened this week adds to a serious trust problem. Even David Axelrod, one of Barack Obama’s closest aides, said he couldn’t understand why [her campaign] hid Hillary’s story and what her physical condition is,” Zell continued.

“When you feel that people are lying to you, it’s very damaging. We already see Donald Trump beginning to lead in some national polls.”