Soldiers guard European Commission in Brussels following bombings
Soldiers guard European Commission in Brussels following bombingsReuters

In the wake of the killing of leading ISIS official and spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, ISIS has called on its operatives in Europe to "hurry up to carry out your [terrorist] acts."

ISIS made the call just over a week ago to its cells in Europe in encrypted messages over social media. The Turkish news outlet NTV reported that the Islamic State sent the message via the ISIS-affiliated “Nasir Foundation” to members and sympathizers in Europe.

“Our brothers and sisters in Europe and especially in France, hurry up to carry out your acts," ordered the terrorist group. "Also, be careful and cautious. We hear that many of our brothers get arrested before carrying out their acts. We suggest you delete all the information and messages in your devices relating to the Islamic State, including photos, videos and applications. We also suggest you carry out your acts before it is too late.”

Terror attacks are being stopped behind the scenes “all of the time,” U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told Fox News this past Friday. Similarly, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said recently that “Every day intelligence services, police, foil attacks, dismantle networks, track terrorists.”

The Clarion Project adds that the reported ISIS message was apparently issued following the killing of Ad-Adnani – for which both the U.S. and Russia have taken credit. Calls to avenge his death have been issued by jihadist elements.

More specifically, ISIS declared in its new English-language magazine named Rumiyah (Rome) that it will conquer both Istanbul and Rome. ISIS has explained the name of the publication as rooted in Muhammed's vision that Islam would conquer Rome in the "end-times.:

In fact, the conquest of Rome has always been a goal of Islam. Clarion quotes journalist Dale Hurd of CBN News as writing, “Muslim scholars say Muhammed prophesied that the two great Roman cities would be conquered: Constantinople and Rome… The Islamic State reveals part of its plan in its publication ‘Black Flags From Rome.’ It will use sleeper cells, and expects to get help from Muslims serving in European armies and from non-Muslim sympathizers. It also wants to fire missiles into Italy.”

Muslim jihadist armies have targeted European and other territories since the inception of Islam some 1,400 years ago, when their advance westward was stopped at the gates of Vienna – and, unlike Christian movements, continue to do so even today. The Islamic State and many other Islamist groups openly declare that they are still dedicated to their goal of world domination. They seek to do so via violent jihad, but also "peacefully" via an influx of Muslims into local populations and by demanding Islamist privileges such as parallel sharia courts.