Desert living in a Negev wadi
Desert living in a Negev wadiIsrael news photo: Hana Levi Julian

Police forces arrived this morning (Wednesday) at the Bedouin village of Tel Sheva as part of extended police efforts to crack down on illegal activity in Bedouin villages in the Negev region.

The security activity saw the participation of hundreds of policemen, as well as detectives, fighters, and the animal unit of the southern precinct – including dog trainers and horsemen, the helicopter of the airborne unit and additional forces – who succeeded in locating stockpiles of weaponry including improvised weapons, shotguns, ammunition, stun grenades and more during searches conducted in the community.

Among other things, the forces succeeded in confiscating items that had been stolen during burglaries that took place the night before. During the searches, one intelligence officer found a cell phone which, to his amazement, had been stolen the night before from his sister's house.

In addition, forces succeeded in identifying 38 illegal aliens residing in the community, in addition to four people suspected of providing lodging to the illegal aliens. Police investigators also confiscated thousand of shekels which investigators assess is tied to money laundering offenses.

In addition, three local businesses were found to be deficient in electricity and safety licensure requirements as defined by officials and are to be closed as a result. Some 70 tickets were given for non-compliance to business licensure standards.

The security efforts come in the wake of four other crackdowns on Bedouin villages in the Negev over the past two months which led to the confiscation of ammunition, hard drugs, and large sums of money, as well as the location of dozens of persons wanted for investigation and illegal aliens.

Hundreds of traffic tickets were administered and dozens of cars forbidden from use due to security deficiencies.

"Activity of this nature will continue for as long is as needed. This small group of law-breakers needs to internalize that it is harming and endangering both its immediate surroundings and itself. It had best shape up as soon as possible," police said.­­