The striped and speckled sheep of the type which the patriarch Jacob brought with him from Laban's house will once again find a new home in the land of Israel soon - in the Golan Heights.

A flock of 119 speckled and striped sheep is now being held in isolation west of Toronto prior to being brought to its new home in Israel at the heritage park in the Golan Heights.

The project of 'returning' Jacob's sheep was initiated by Gina and Gil Levinski who after significant efforts managed to attain the assistance of the Israeli and Canadian governments.

On 5 September a gala dinner was held at Hamilton in West Ontario prior to the sheep being flown to Israel. These type of sheep appear in the book of Genesis. Our forefather Jacob worked for his father-in-law Laban who paid his wages in striped and speckled sheep.

The "Friends of Jacob's Sheep" association was established to preserve the last of these unique types of sheep and bring them back to Israel.

In a short speech Gil Levinsky said that Jacob's sheep reminds the Jewish nation of its history as a nation established by shepherds and in this way future Jewish generations will be able to see their ancient history come alive. He expressed hope that with the help of member of the Knesset Jacob's sheep would in future times become the national animal of Israel.

Galit Bar'am, Consul General for Israel in Toronto and West Canada who is herself an archaeologist by profession spoke about the importance of the sheep in Jewish history. Raphael Barak, Israel's ambassador in Ottowa emphasized that a nation that does not remember its past has no future and for the Jewish people the past is present at all times.