Haim Saban
Haim SabanShahar Azran

Billionaire American-Israeli businessman Haim Saban expressed his view that Hilary Clinton would be a good friend to Israel were she to win the presidency.

"I believe she and the Prime Minister will get along great," he said in an interview with Channel 2.

When the interviewer expressed doubt at how this would be possible, Saban shot back: "What do you mean how? She said that in her first month as president, she will invite Netanyahu to the White House…let’s talk after that first meeting."

Saban also said he felt confident that Clinton would win the race. "There are three states which Trump needs to take in order to win the election and she currently leads in all three. [But] I am relaxed [because I don't think it's likely he will take all three in the end]," he said.

Saban is an outspoken supporter of Clinton and the foremost donor to her campaign.