A new teacher’s guide produced by the Canadian Human Rights Commission was launched last week in Canada, instructing Canadian teachers to actively combat views and comments it views as “Islamophobic.”

The new guide, entitled “Helping Students Deal With Trauma Related to Geopolitical Violence & Islamophobia,” was produced by the CHRC in conjunction with the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Islamic Social Services Association.

The purpose of the new guide, say its producers, is to “help Canadian teachers better understand and provide support to students living with the effects of geopolitical violence and Islamophobia” and to “create safer and more inclusive spaces for Canadian Muslim students.”

The guide describes Muslims as the principle victim of terrorism world-wide, and condemns news media for portraying Muslims in a negative light, calling Islamophobia, “a form of self- imposed censorship on freedom of expression concerning geopolitical issues.”

Practically speaking, the new guide instructs teachers to “provide space for Muslim students to speak to their peers about their faith and about their feelings on world events that impact them,” as well as take classes on field trips to “various places of worship” to “help dispel stereotypes and misinformation about Islam,” among other suggested ways to “combat Islamophobia.”