Hamas (Illustration)
Hamas (Illustration)Flash 90

Public opinion polls conducted by the Arab World Institute for Research and Development indicate that Hamas-affiliated lists will triumph in the Palestinian Authority's upcoming elections.

The Palestinian Authority is set to run local elections in its cities on October 8th.

Despite recent crackdowns by the ruling Fatah party on Hamas members and affiliates, Hamas seems to be gaining support among the voters of the PA.

By the numbers:

60 percent of PA voters are expected to participate in the elections.

In Judea and Samaria, Fatah is expected to receive 34 percent of the parliament seats, tied with Hamas at 33 percent, while 9 percent of votes are expected to go to independent parties, and 4 percent to other Islamic organizations.

In Gaza: Fatah would garner 32 percent of the vote, Hamas would take the election with 37 percent, Leftist organizations would win 9 percent, and other Islamic factions would bring up the rear with 6 percent.

66 percent believe the elections will be clean and fair.

74 percent believe that voters will make their picks based off of family and organizational affiliations.

Only 21 percent believe that the elections will lead to a reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, while 46 percent insist on the opposite.