Tiger at Khan Younis zoo, Gaza
Tiger at Khan Younis zoo, GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/ Flash 90

Gaza's last tiger left Gaza Wednesday with monkeys, emus, a porcupine and other animals from a zoo dubbed the "world's worst", heading for a new life in South Africa and elsewhere.

Laziz (Cutey in Arabic) the tiger and the 15 other remaining animals from the Khan Younis zoo were driven on a trailer in cages to the Erez crossing before dawn, an AFP journalist said.

The animals crossed the border en route to sanctuaries and zoos in South Africa, Jordan and Israel "to provide them a better quality of life", the IDF said in a statement.

The animals were transferred through Erez Crossing
The animals were transferred through Erez Crossingצילום: דוברות מתפ"ש

As well as Laziz, five monkeys, two emus, two deer, two eagles, two turtles, a pelican and a porcupine were transferred, the Four Paws charity ensuring the animals' welfare said.

For months vets from Four Paws had been visiting the zoo in southern Gaza to treat the animals and transfer them out.

The NGO says on its website Khan Younis had "been known as the 'worst zoo in the world' since it became public last year that the zoo was crudely mummifying the animals that died in their care and displaying them."

Wednesday's transfer leaves the zoo empty and closed, with Laziz to be transferred to the Lionsrock refuge for big cats in South Africa.

The zoo's tortoise waits at Erez to be transferred into Israel
The zoo's tortoise waits at Erez to be transferred into Israelצילום: דוברות מתפ"ש

"(Laziz) went into his transport crate without hesitation," a Four Paws statement said. "He even seems to behave more calm in the crate now more than he has in his desolate cage."

"Laziz's crate will be cooled with ice and a fan all day long."

In the years after its 2007 opening there were more than 100 animals housed at the zoo, but they were decimated by lack of funding and shortages of customers.

The owners were unable to afford enough food, with some animals starving.

"I am very sad," lamented owner Ziad Aweda. "I brought these animals from Libya, Sudan, Egypt and even South Africa to Gaza."

Tiger at Khan Younis zoo, Gaza
Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash 90