Im Tirtzu activists protesting outside a hearing
Im Tirtzu activists protesting outside a hearingPhoto: Bar Shalev

Members of the largest Zionist movement in Israel, Im Tirtzu, arrived yesterday (Monday) at the Israeli Supreme Court to protest the hearing of the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Michael (Miki) Mark several weeks ago near Otniel. The terrorist was represented by "HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual," an NGO funded by European governments and the New Israel Fund that places a focus on defending terrorists and their families in court, and works to prevent the demolitions of terrorists' homes.

Between the years 2012-2015, "HaMoked" has received over 11 million shekels from foreign governments and political entities, including the European Union, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Belgium. Im Tirtzu emphasized that "HaMoked" uses these funds to defend terrorists and submit dozens of judicial appeals on their behalf.

In the most recent wave of terror, "HaMoked" has petitioned the Supreme Court against the home demolitions of tens of terrorists, including the murderer of the Henkins, the murderer of Malachi Rosenfeld, the murderers of Danny Gonen, the murderer of Yeshayahu Krishevsky, the murderers of Aharon Banita-Bennett and Nehemia Lavi, the murderer of Baruch Mizrahi, the murderer of Shlomit Krigman, the murderers of Hadar Cohen, and the murderer of Hallel Ariel.

At the start of the hearing, heads of Im Tirtzu waved the flags of the governments funding "Hamoked," in protest over these governments' involvement in the defense of terrorists. Members of Im Tirtzu noted that this funding directly hampers Israel's ability to combat terrorism, and brings foreign influences into Israel's judicial system.

Im Tirtzu CEO, Matan Peleg, stated: "Over the past two years, 'HaMoked' has represented nearly every terrorist who has murdered Israelis. It is unthinkable that European governments operate in the Israeli Supreme Court by means of foreign-agent organizations, rather than going through the proper diplomatic channels. This European attempt to alter Israeli internal policy not only harms Israeli democracy and sovereignty, but bolsters terrorism. This European chutzpah knows no bounds."

Peleg continued: "If we need to remind Europe that the Mandate has ended - we will. This subversive activity and use of lawfare against Israel must end. We call on all the European governments that fund foreign-agent organizations: stop encouraging terrorism against the citizens of Israel. Im Tirtzu will continue to fight against this phenomenon until it stops. The Israeli public has a right to know who's defending terrorists."

Referring to the home demolition of Rabbi Mark's murderer, "HaMoked," attorney Michal Pomeranz said: "It is unlawful to punish a mother and two children for the deeds of their husband/father. Home demolitions are illegal according to international law," continued Pomeranz, "how is it even an effective tool!? The husband of the woman appealing the court said in all his messages that he was acting as revenge for IDF activities. What is this woman supposed to do? In order to violate one's human rights, there needs to be unequivocal proof. Here that is not the case."